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es tut mir verdammt leid, dass das folgende interview mit pierre jambé, welches ich im märz 2012 mit ihm führte, erst jetzt seinen weg ins netz findet! schuld ist eine menge leben, das mich immer wieder vom vollenden dieser site hier abgehalten hat! doch getreu dem motto „besser spät als nie“ kommen sie nun, unsere damaligen worte! das witzige an der sache ist, dass der untertitel „talking through time and space“ schon von anfang an fest stand! damit waren allerdings die distanz und der zeitunterschied zwischen deutschland und peru gemeint, nicht jedoch der zeitunterschied zwischen dem gespräch und seiner veröffentlichung, tztz. wie auch immer, here we go!

note: the following talk has been recorded in march 2012. a lot of time has passed! but hey, the topic of the talk – building one of peru’s biggest skatepark somewhere in the andes – is timless. so let’s sit back and enjoy the following words…

markus: okay, pierre, here we are for a little interview! i am talking back into time because you are six hours behind cet. let‘s talk a little bit about dr. skatepark! but first, can you tell our readers in a few sentences why you‘ve ended up living in peru?!

pierre: i really don‘t know! it happened suddenly. i think i had this traveling thing in mind, you know? i lived in brasil a long time ago, in 1987. i skated so much there and i think maybe one of the unconscious reasons is that i am closer to brasil now…  [laughter]

m: but the real story behind it is that you‘ve built a small skatepark in the town you are living in right now?

p: yeah, i‘ve travelled to peru to build a mini-sized bowl ramp for teenagers for a local non-governmental organisation. the idea of a skateramp came out in the mind of a belgian guy who is a volunteer for this ngo. he knew bruno from concrete dreams, so he called him one day: „hey, come over to peru and help building a little skatepark with the kids.“ and then bruno called brusk because he knew that we were doing workshops with kids helping them to learn how to build ramps and bowls. benoit moureau joined us and we said „okay, let‘s go!“

m: and for how long have you been building there?

p: i think we stayed seven or eight weeks there. i mean not everybody stayed the same time – i met ruth, who i live with since then and is now my son’s mother. so i stayed a little longer and we traveled for a while etc. we agreed in staying in contact after that trip and i told her „hey, if in six month that we are still in contact and if we want to be together let‘s have a try…“

m: and then you moved over to peru.

p: yeah, six month later i flew to peru to see how it goes! and for three years i tried to make a living here…

m: and then out of a sudden a big skatepark had to be built in the same town you‘ve built a few years before and you had to quit all your jobs (running a snack-bar, being a teacher, running a radio show) to get involved. what‘s the story behind the skatepark?

p: when we built the little ramp-bowl there was a project for a public park – a green place with some soccer fields, a little lake with boats and a skatepark in it. at that time there were already plans for that. the mayor of the town who also supported the mini-project told me „hey pierre, you have to build the skatepark!“ and every once in a while i met him somewhere in the streets and he told me again and again that i have to build the skatepark. i saw the plans, really bad plans based on things they have seen on the internet, but no project was coming out at all. and then one day i met him in a pharmacy and he told me „the building of the skatepark has begun! you have to start now!“ [laughter]

m: and then the chaos started!

p: and then the chaos started! but hey, there are some things that happen here that you don‘t understand when you come from europe. you think that‘s total chaos and maybe it is total chaos but that‘s how things work here. i started my work on the construction site and there was a chief constructor there, then he changed, there was an engineer but he was not yet officially in charge of the project, my contract wasn‘t ready, they paid me my first money three month after i have started… [laughs] and when we started building there were no trucks! we had to raise a part of the field, many cubic meters, but there was no earth and there were no trucks to transport it! it was a problem because companies had to present their prices first, there was no company available, whatever. so i was already involved for over a month and i just got crazy because there was nothing to do [laughter] and i was being told „hey pierre, why don‘t you leave the construction site for a while?“ and one month after that the terrain was finally ready, a surrounding wall was being built to support the terrain… and we started the real building!

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